The results were spectacular.

Anne got out the door as quickly as she could when she saw him there.

You don't want to go to Boston, do you?

Can we postpone the trip?

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Why do you look so sad today?

You are doing well for a cub reporter.

The person on the left ruins the balance of the picture.

Our next trip is for pleasure, not for work.

I'm not teaching anymore.

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Don't let them get me.


I just wish Gunter were happier here.

We elected him mayor.

I know you'd never let anyone hurt Tuna.


I don't understand what he said.

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The train leaves at half past ten, so I'll call for you at ten.

Why don't you shut the fuck up?

Let forgiveness come and wash away everything I have done.

As long as you are thinking about the pros and cons of a relationship, I don't think you can call it love.

He got assistance from above.

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I have pus coming out of my gums.

I won't wait for you.

I don't even know if I want to do this anymore.


What did you think about the concert?


Would you please tell me your full name and address?

I've tried to talk to Stevan.

You've been working on that book forever.

I'll apologize to Gary.

She cries continously.

Do you want to go there now?

It's time to open the third wardrobe.

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Please leave him alone.

It has been raining nonstop for three days.

Get back out here.

It's a risky plan.

It isn't worth it.


I need a book to read.

Thank you, dear.

Nature is wonderful, but it goes unnoticed daily.


I wish you didn't live so far away.

Come to help me.

The bird quivered its wings.

Tax officials are zeroing in on income tax evasion.

Dan has had the same job for more than six years.


His health ebbed slowly away.


The moment I saw him, I knew he was angry with me.

I have no idea what I'm doing here.

Sure, I'll do it.

Dr. Patterson: Yes, it was horrible.

Call your next witness.

Olson really knows how to cook, doesn't he?

She was lonely.

She was the first girl I'd ever kissed.

I call Marika almost every day.


Let me put something on.


You can only smoke on the patio.


She heated up the cold soup for supper.

He couldn't stop smiling.

Knut condemns you.

Excuse me, but may I use your telephone?

If you realize you've done something wrong, then you should have a conscience and fix it as much as possible.

I've completely forgotten what it's about.

Milner is in the kitchen making himself something to eat.


What foods, if any, do you avoid eating?


I was asked to lie.

He'd used the dirty brush to paint the wall green, and he did not clean it afterwards.

Something funny's going on.

The British Library is one of the world's largest libraries.

People like to fight.

He is used to making speeches.

Louis was really happy.


The train will remain at this station for approximately 2 minutes.


Caesar led the whole cavalry across the mountain.

He's now making a table for me.

This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the console.

Hwa says he heard the entire conversation.

There's a bit of a wind today.


What would you say to Ro?

Gregor can be trying at times.

If you could think positively every day, it would help you to live a lot better.

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He seems angry.

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She almost took him to the edge of bankruptcy.

Is she here yet?

Are you unlucky?

Mike won't like that answer.

Liyuan doesn't have a dollar to his name.

That was a misinterpretation.

Eduardo is a total wreck.

Some of my less intelligent friends smoke.

It seems like a dream.

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His murderous gaze frightened her.

I want to see you laugh.

She fixed it.


We're all retired.

What does Jayant want us to do with his stuff?

How long does it take to go to Okinawa by plane?

Cathy stopped picking flowers.

The doctor doesn't attach any importance to these symptoms.

This noise is something which I refuse to put up with.

I'm ashamed of what I have to say, my lady, said Leuwen, but my duty as a gentleman forces me to say it.

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They seem to be having fun.

I wish I were in Paris now.

Ji used to play piano at a club I often go to.


Apparently, not much has changed.

This is the bicycle I want.

Not at all!

Anne was just about to leave the house when the phone began ringing.

Stanly is thirty.

She had a little box in her hand.

I didn't tell them to come.


Push the job and get it done this week.

This was a warning: the floods were coming.

I don't believe anything I haven't seen with my own eyes.

I don't care what people think about the way I dress.

My palms are damp.

Does anyone have an idea?

Oskar doesn't like going to the dentist's.


Srivatsan is always fishing for compliments.


Who translated this letter?

I nearly made a mistake.

Do you want to go somewhere? Randal's coming, too.

We sang in the choir when we were children.

He denied having done it.


I hope I find someone to help us.

Hiromi wears a new dress.

America likes to believe that it's a classless society.

I wanted to win the prize, but failed.

Dannie got ripped off.

Clarissa is sleeping in his chair.

Jimmy is a survivor.


People tomorrow will have different ideas.

Does Lance have cable?

You might not need a grater if you have good knife skills.


It's really rare.


Let us settle the matter without a third party.

Terry watched admiringly.

My mother gets up earlier than I do.

Here's a letter from him.

Do you rent or own?


The question is before the committee.

Do you want me to take over?

Ilya knew how to get me to laugh.

Her idea is very similar to mine.

We enjoyed a grand view of the Alps from the airplane.

At least, not that one. You see, I give the lecture.

Why do I not have the courage to find my own path?

Did they go to museum by bus?

I put the meat we just bought in the freezer.

I have all this work to do.

What are you people thinking?

Laws catch flies but let hornets go free.

There were a lot of people waiting for the bus.


Adlai wanted a new car.


We haven't made much headway.

I had completely forgotten.

First, I'd like to ask Clarissa a question.

Suu may possibly be lying about that.

I want something nice to eat.

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She wants to kill me.

We have a meeting to get to.

What's supposed to happen on Monday?

I politely corrected him.

Are you not frightened?